Excuse me Massa, Please don’t do that.

Having taken some time to think about the shameful breach of National Park Rules by Egyptian Diplomats, here’s my take; The Gods of our ancestors must be very averse to bullshit, because they never hesitate to insult purveyors of the same. After years in the conservation field, some of us know Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Park rules by heart. Speed limit is 40 kmh, but they allowed WRC rally cars to do 180kmh because they are “white” (read: not local). They recently tripled park fees to keep out the “black” (read; local commoners) who were becoming too numerous in the parks. Now the “white” (foreign/ elites) that KWS loves so much have started misbehaving in the parks and the Director is breaking wind and fouling the atmosphere in his office. These people aren’t fools to endanger themselves, and many of them carry guns. If the lions approached them, I am sure it would have been a more serious incident of human-wildlife conflict. Locals do not behave recklessly in parks because we respect Wildlife and of course, punishment for any transgression would be swift and harsh. However, KWS is seeking to keep us out because “Out of Africa”, “Tarzan” and “The lion king” don’t include black people and our presence there diminishes the romantic quality of the product. In retrospect, I fully understand the disrespectful behaviour of the Egyptian diplomats. Why on earth does KWS expect foreign tourists to behave themselves, when at every turn, we demonstrate to them that they are exempt from the rules?? What am I missing? They know their position in “Magical” Kenyan safari tourism. As for KWS, until you can understand that WE Kenyans OWN this natural heritage and you’re our servants stewarding it for us, you can cry me a river. You have made parks “white” spaces, so stop interfering with the conduct of white people there. Kindly inform the DG to open the windows before any guests come to his office.